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Aromatherapy how does it work?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Using aromatic plants and herbs has been commonplace amongst civilisations for thousands of years. Plants leaves, fruits, stems or roots have been turned into Essential Oils and then used to scent baths, perfumes, creams and our household products.

The therapeutic use of Essential Oils usually blended into a carrier oil and massaged onto the body allows skin absorption and inhalation of them to enhance mind, body and spirit.

Our olfactory system takes the smell of the oil to the brain, but our skin enables it to be absorbed and the chemical constituents are then dispersed around the body too.

An Aromatherapist produces a unique blend for the individual and this may support their symptoms or may simply provide them with a feeling of warmth, coolness, relaxation or contentment.

Aromatherapy uses the volatile aromatic plant essences, known as essential oils, to treat ill-health and help maintain good health (IFPA 2016)

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