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My Services

Occupational Therapy helps you to live life your way.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep everything you do can be analysed and interventions designed specifically for you put into place.

Having over 15 years of OT experience, having specialised in Neurological Services and Palliative Care, and Driving Assessment.  Interventions to help you may include:

Advice  and strategies for management of symptoms such as: Breathlessness, Fatigue and Insomnia

Advice on adaptations to home or work environments, Relaxation Techniques, LSVT BIG or, LiFE, Nature as therapy.

Unique blends of Essential Oils administered via massage, inhalation or through bespoke products

Following a full consultation of your needs, aromatherapy blends will be given which may benefit by : Boosting the ability to  concentrate. 

Improving digestion.

Increasing circulation.

Reducing the symptoms of anxiety, breathlessness, depression, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, nausea.

Providing relaxation through release of tension, reducing headaches, general pains and strains.

Strengthening the immune system.

Individual or group sessions designed may:

Improve health, increase energy and flexibility

Control weight

Loosen and strengthen joints and muscles

Reduce stress

Increase relaxation

Improve concentration

Control emotions

Herbal Medicine has been around as long as we have.  It can work alongside our modern medicines which along with lifestyle and dietary changes mean it can be used to assist many symptoms caused by the many illnesses.  Using a combination of a holistic approach, historical knowledge and current scientific evidence based practice interventions using bespoke blends of herbs in the forms of tinctures, teas and capsules it may assist symptoms of:

Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhoea


Emotional Distress



Poor Concentration/Brain fog


Blood pressure



and target many specific medical conditions such as Neurological Conditions, Lung Conditions, Skin conditions. 

Coming Soon Herbal Medicine

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